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Create A Strong Identity

by James Howard

‘Don’t judge a book by its case’ doesn’t apply here. As mentioned before, the market is full of different organizations and services, so you need to make sure that you reach out at first glance. Before you go and whip out your box of crayons, you should go back to your business plan and look at your target public. Get familiar with their age, location and economic status as these factors will help you identify what’s the best way to request them, both regarding content and visual language.

When creating your identity, you should plan the following:

  • Logo – make sure it’s loud and clear. First, try designing your logo to save some initial costs!
  • Color – Pick colors that resemble your market and can be identified and easy to relate to.
  • Typography – Pick a clear font, as you want people to be able to read all of your content. A stylish yet straightforward font will ensure you have a memorable brand.
  • Voice – All of your messaging should follow a unified voice – tailored to the public you have targeted.
  • Slogan – Now is a good time to think of a killer one liner that best represents what you do or wants to sell, so “Just Do It.”